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Powder Kote Plus was founded in South Daytona, Florida in February 1998 by Father and Son Richard Hall and David Hall. Originally operating during evening hours, Powder Kote Plus soon opened it’s doors to the general public in January 2000 to a full time Monday-Friday. The company rapidly established itself as the premier one stop in-house sand blasting and custom powder coating service provider in Volusia County, Florida for over 20 years. Weathering an unpredictable

What do I need to do to prepare my parts for powder coating?

A large part of our process is preparation. It is best to completely disassemble your part as much as possible. We will give a quick inspection of your part upon drop –off and advise you of any further action. Please take the time to remove or scrape off any stickers and rubber inserts. In most cases we can remove a few nuts and bolts on the spot if you missed something. This ensures a very through coating process to get into those hard to reach places. We also routinely take special care of critical areas such as plugging to prevent powder where it does not belong such as threaded holes, and masking any critical mating surfaces such as a brake rotor surface mated to the wheel of a motorcycle.

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What metal parts are not ideal for powder coating?

There are very few metal parts that are not ideal for powder coating. In fact we strongly suggest three different items that are not ideal to coat. The most common is safety of spokes of motorcycle wheels. The spokes tend to lose their temper (strength of spoke) which creates an unsafe condition under load and we prohibit from powder coating spoke wheels. The hub of the wheel and outer wheel hoop is just fine to coat, just not the actual spokes. Scuba diver tanks are also a prohibited item due to the extreme pressure inside of the tanks. Lastly engine cases could warp just the slightest during the heat treatment which could create fitment issues with the post powder coat assembly of the engine case.

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How long will Powder Kote Plus need my parts for the powder coating process?

The ideal day of the week to get us your parts would be on a Monday for a return back to you ready to go on the Friday that same week. We generally take a week and sometimes, up to a week and a half maximum turn-around time. More often than not; we can turn around basic colors such as blacks, whites, and greys much faster. Some more exotic coatings need extra time to do a very thorough job and not miss any details. If under an urgent turn-around just let us know and we can generally work with you to return your parts to you under your schedule. Help us help you in a way and plan accordingly with your project in mind.

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What do I need to do to care for my parts after powder coating?

After receive your parts back, there are a few steps you can take to care for your new coated parts. Your parts will be ready to install or function straight away. There is no drying time needed similar to paint is a question we sometimes get. Good old fashioned soap and water wash would be best to keep your parts looking sharp after getting dirty from road grime or normal dust. It is wise to dry your coated parts with a very soft absorbing cloth to prevent any water spots. We have a nice polish we can recommend for any high gloss or satin finishes. If all else fails, default to a product like Armor-All or any white silicone based product would wipe on very nicely and help prevent dirt and dust from clinging to your new coated parts. Feel free to contact us with any further questions on care of your parts.

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What kinds of finishes are available in powder coating?

Powder coat is unique in that it offers many different kinds of finish surfaces yet still keeps the basic benefits of powder coating on your part. We have all glossy and shiny colors available including our very popular gloss black where one could see their own clear reflection in the gloss black powder coat. Satin which is a semi-gloss finish is available along with many matte or extremely durable flat coatings available in stock as well. It gets even more diverse with very impressive wrinkle finishes which are good at hiding very used metal with pits from rust or corrosion damage. Some of your parts are just so rare and hard to find. We understand this and can recommend a finish to help the restoration process. Sand textures are also popular in the marine industry along with hammertoe (two tone) coatings as well which work very well for outdoor wrought iron furniture. The list goes on and on.

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